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Masonry Instructional Videos

Some years ago we discovered a need that exists in the construction industry. Builders, (both professional and Do-It-Yourselfers) designers, architects, and home owners are continually looking for NEW and INNOVATIVE ways of making a signature statement. That is, they are looking for ways of setting their home, office or a particular room apart from others. Masonry is a material that provides the means of making that statement.


Many times individuals are not only looking for ideas, but also ways that they can do the work themselves. Over the years we have worked on thousands of homes with a wide variety of interior and exterior masonry designs. New clients were continually asking for pictures of these projects, so they could expand or duplicate them. After much consideration we produced several Videos that show the unlimited possibilities of masonry. We have also had many requests for a program that would help individuals learn the art of laying brick. Although it takes many years to develop the skills necessary in becoming a skilled craftsman, the program we have developed can, in a few months, teach the basic techniques that will allow an individual to become quite proficient in using the trowel and being able to do small projects. From then on it is a matter of practice, coupled with our more advance program, which touches on the more advance techniques needed as ones' skills increase. These will start a person well on their way to becoming a skilled craftsman himself. This program is a vital part of Snyder Masonry's apprenticeship program, putting skilled and productive trainees on the wall sooner.


Whether your desire is to be involved in masonry as a profession or simply participate as a Do-It-Yourselfer, it is a trade that is interesting and rewarding. The rewards of building and designing something that will last a lifetime provides great satisfaction. Naturally our goal is to provide you with information that will make those rewards even greater.