Learn To Lay Brick

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Interior and Exterior Design With Brick and Stone

Brick Ceiling? Yes!

And much more. Over 35 minutes of viewing more than 100 ideas and designs. This video shows fireplace designs, lobbies and entry ways, floors and stairways, waterfalls and aquariums, stoves and inserts, arched and curved walls with built-in stereo and television, kitchen with bricked in appliances, and sculptured brick designs that tell a story. A unique arrangement of ways to use brick and stone on the interior of homes and office buildings.

Since the beginning of time, Masonry has been one of the most reliable building materials, used in many different applications and designs. It is durable, strong, and provides beauty that lasts for centuries. In combination with other building materials such as steel, wood, glass, concrete, and tile, brick and stone provide some of the most beautiful structures ever created.


This video shows hundreds of ways brick and stone have been used in creating beautiful arched entries, dynamic columns and beams, windows and doors framed with unique masonry patterns, mailboxes, beautiful fences and planters, and dozens of ways to incorporate brick and stone in landscaping.