Learn To Lay Brick

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Learning The Art Of Laying Brick

This video set will help you develop the basic skills needed by the mason, using step by step procedures. It discusses tools and equipment, mortar, different bonding patterns and proper technique. The video shows how to set up a low budget working area and learn the basic skills without spending a lot of money for tools and material. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn the basic techniques, and then apply those skills in building your own small projects. Masonry Contractors use this video in training programs. Contractors, reluctant to turn the best money making tender into a money losing mason trainee can use these programs, speeding up "on the job training" and put qualified apprentices on the wall sooner.


I just wanted to tell you how helpful your video was in learning to lay brick. After practicing what you teach. I was able to build my own brick garage. Even better yet was being able to call you and find out even more answers to my many questions.

—Orvil, Salem, Oregon